The Near Future Of Mobility

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Why Smart Phones will Change Retirement


Imagine a population with the following characteristics:

  • 74 percent own Smart Phones.
  • There is no reliable bus service or metro.
  • Up to 50 percent of the population is forbidden to drive.

This list might describe the outlook for Baby Boomers fifteen or twenty years hence, should they choose to age-in-place in the suburbs, and reach their eighties and nineties.

The population with these characteristics exists today and they are not Boomers. 74 % have Smart phones,  they cannot access a  bus or Metro, and they are forbidden to drive.  These are women in Saudi Arabia. However, with their Smart Phones, Saudi women are accessing Uber like services in record numbers, and are said to be empowered by reliable cars, instead of having to depend on a chaotic and often nonexistent transport system.

Welcome to the world of app!

Ban on Women Drivers in Saudi Arabia Gives Taxi Apps a Boost – WSJ.