The Near Future Of Mobility

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Aging in Suburbia Options

carshareAging in suburbia still seems to be about what’s inside the three car garage. If you do a search on “old people and car clubs” you will find stories on  veterans’ motors club , the rolling antiques, and so forth…you get the picture.

That is about to change- both the search term and the concept. As people age in place, a car club and smart phone provide options. With a  car share service, like Car2Go, travelers can access a car and take it in only one direction. Moreover, the cars “free-float” which means that they are not tied to a specific parking spot or location. This concept is likely to spread, but has  been tested primarily, with a fleet of 1,200 cars,  in Berlin, Germany.

As the New York Times headline noted, this is car sharing with fewer strings attached. And, it is  car sharing for people who no longer need to fill up a three car garage. Perhaps elders will even sell their vehicle to the car sharing fleet or scheme a senior-friendly  neighborhood services.


Car Sharing Grows With Fewer Strings Attached –

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