Blogs are dynamic- just like people. So, beginning in 2018-19 the name of this blog will migrate to GrayHomes, Smartphones instead of GrayHomes, GreenCars.

The new title recognizes that smartphones are an increasingly vital purveyor of mobility; sometimes we travel in a vehicle and other times we choose to move around digitally. Although travel and the Internet are neither substitutes nor tradeoffs, they are always complements.

In 2018 we will also enhance the blog with excerpts from our next book, The Really Smartphone©. The penultimate chapter is about phones in cars, but there’s more. Smartphones are entirely new… we are all on a learning curve when it comes to using them with balance and skill. The good news is that we can improve our lives when we improve how and when we use our phones…The key to understanding this is mobility- a topic we will continue to explore further in GrayHomes, Smartphones.

During 2018 the blog will also get a verbal face-lift. We will go back over the collective posts since 2014. If there are editorial updates we’ll make them, and if there are changes to the technology, we’ll note that too. Our housing stock is still old, hence the Gray Homes, but mobility and technology are clearly on the move.