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Why Self-Driving Cars Will Change Retirement

selfdriverThere is a reason that (the book) Houses of Boom is sometimes  called:

Gray Homes|Green Cars.

For older people who loose their ability to be safe drivers, a future with SAV (shared autonomous vehicles) holds promise. The SAV or robot-car is a leapfrog technology. It jumps over the major problem, that the suburbs are so under-served by taxis and buses, as well as other types of public transportation.

Gray Homes|Green Cars has a chapter on what other  alternatives might be, but the self driving car is high on the list. This short article in the Wall St. Journal  quotes Brad Templeton, who says there are plans for testing this futuristic vehicle, perhaps in Mountain View, Ca or San Francisco, or Ann Arbor, Michigan. The further out, and farther away, the better.

Why Self-Driving Cars Will Change Retirement – WSJ – WSJ.

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